Brand Protection Systems

APG has developed fully integrated brand protection, compliance, and trusted trade environments in multiple industries worldwide.  Our solutions are built upon experiences gained in two Olympics and decades of development for Fortune 500 companies worldwide; scaling from the few into the billions of products.  We understand the balance necessary to provide the right combination of mass customization with operations’ answers for persistent and developing challenges.  We have led regulatory, investigatory, and intelligence gathering operations domestically and abroad.  APG professionals know what can and can’t be done beyond faux industry or self-anointed internet experts.  We have also run global manufacturing and distribution operations; we know what has worked, but more importantly, what works now.  This experience provides the depth and breadth to meet YOUR specific and evolving objectives around the globe.

Our systems give you unique insights into your products, customers, and cost of goods sold from creation beyond consumption.  We help you identify emerging market opportunities, while preparing you for ever-changing regulatory and compliance activities, around the globe.  We know what countries and organizations are after your brand, where they will try to capture your supply chain, and how to stop them.  Our systems generate recurring revenue for your brand and target your real demographics over internet hyperbole and sales hype.

We have worked with every form of communications systems and have the clearances and access to know what can be hacked and what emerging technologies are going to fit into an overall plan to accelerate your success and protect your brand.  Tragically, many industries fall prey to sales and solution providers with little or zero professional credentials or experience.  Brand protection solutions are not one stop fits all or can be addressed with traditional enforcement experience alone.  We succeed because we don’t spin marketing hype from point solution providers or buzzwords stolen from the actual pioneers.  We don’t try to cobble together systems and operations concepts we are learning for the first time.  We have assembled the best team of experts and developers in all these disciplines to bring you a comprehensive set of products and services to meet your needs.

Our systems have met emerging requirements for consumer protection, food safety modernization, endangered species, and strict FDA software and systems compliance for years ahead of regulatory enablement.  Many show a pill bottle in their advertisements and have zero idea what must be done to obtain regulatory endorsement while selling you on their concepts.  You will be the first to know when you are fined.

APG research and development continues to bring concepts to market that many claim to understand but will never be able to connect the dots to bring you effective brand enablement, operations improvements, or regulatory compliance worldwide.  We will always tailor our solutions to ensure your adherence and acquisition of information allowed locally by law.

APG utilizes our proven methodology to develop your roadmap and solution to achieve world class brand enablement ahead of the crowd.