Assured Products Group provides solutions and services to mitigate risk, improve the bottom line and build consumer confidence 24/7 worldwide.  We anticipated and solved the challenges of remote manufacturing and distributed supply chains years ago and continue to evolve to meet emerging country challenges.  Our dynamic solutions give you control and assurances from concept through consumption while protecting your investments and brand equity from misuse, cloning, copies, or indirect competition.  This insight extends to your consumers to reveal new opportunities, automate social-digital media, and sustain customer contact without privacy violations worldwide.

Our diversion solutions identify how your products and marketing and sales campaigns are being abused and who is behind the activities.  These solutions also address parasitic branding and production of unauthorized products that weaken consumer confidence, result in illicit returns and warranty claims, and expose companies to expensive litigation and damage control.

Increasingly, asset investments and hi value products are being compromised along the supply chain with component substitution, cloning, and direct replacement with lesser value and less capable materials resulting in earlier life cycle replacement and unanticipated expense.  As often, materials and components are removed from in service assets, adding additional cost and risk factors beyond lost productivity.

Assured Products Group’ smart products provide our customers with windows to engage, educate, and automate consumer social-digital media.  Improving your consumer’s experience through simplified product setup, use, and engagement is delivered on a continuous basis through simple, easy to use update templates.  Our solutions tie into your current resources with little or no disruption to current operations and investments.  We delivered more direct engagement at one customer event than our customer had accomplished in nine years. 

Our solutions and services are much more than marketing analytics, track and trace, process consulting, or supply chain management tools.  We enable component awareness, integrity, and production insight delivering smart products efficiently through your supply chain.  We enable actual field use awareness, performance, and consumer behavior.  Our systems identify who, what, when, and where your products are in use and offers targeted windows to engage and modify digital offers directly to your customers.  This unique practical insight is embedded in how our systems work for you and with you worldwide. 

Simply put, how do you know what is real, who is using it, what is compliant, and what is safe worldwide?  Thank you for considering Assured Products Group and please let us show you how to gain market and profit multipliers through smart assets and assured brands.