About Us

We were first to invent and invest in solutions that bring the power of embedded product awareness to our customers, your consumers, and regulators worldwide.  Technology fads continue to come and go, reflecting more about a supplier’s advertising budget than their understanding and expertise in response to brand erosion, parasitic branding, or risk mitigation worldwide.  Many automated testing, tracking and reporting or consulting centric offerings have very little to do with the fundamentals of supply schedules, quality control, and price/ROI performance on a long- term basis absent their long- term involvement.

Our Assurance and Authentication and Brand Protection Systems provide person and item specific capabilities in concert with relationship algorithms, which are unique in the industry worldwide providing proof positive lineage.  We have developed and deploy proprietary augmented identification algorithms and techniques to assure the identity, authenticity, voracity, and lineage of products, people, and services.  These capabilities include self-healing and awareness events and activities for further investigation via our dashboards and consoles.  Augmented identification provides a two way window into the performance and movement of products and services in any supply chain worldwide utilizing encrypted industry standards to protect and preserve privacy and data integrity while associating specific identification attributes to assure accuracy and security.  Augmented identification is the next big thing in securing the world we are in through association and integration of disparate people, process, and technology challenges.

All of our delivered solutions save our customers money, reduce risks, and improve the bottom line and operations equal to or an amount greater than our fees within the same year.  Our performance comes with the guarantee that we will provide an equal amount of services for free if we fail to meet our agreed objectives in a timely manner.

Just ask a prospective provider if they have personally lived and worked outside the United States for decades understanding what can and can’t be done and why.  Ask if any of them have 25 years or more experience in product design from provisioning to the consumer in your industry with distributed global manufacturing in over 40 countries.  Have any led regulatory operations foreign and in Washington, or frequently testified before regulators worldwide?  How many have delivered annual savings of $250 million and 6% productivity improvement for 350,000 workers worldwide?  We do every day.

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